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loQtus originally administered by Jason Newquist.
Currently archived by Jeff Shepherd.
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LATEST UPDATE 6/19/95 (or, for our European viewers: 19/6/95)

Quotations Resources on the Internet

The alt.quotations FAQ (18K)
The "Frequently Asked Questions" file, currently maintained by Sir Hans and Jason Newquist. A NEWER FAQ IS IN THE WORKS! ...STAY TUNED!
The Serial Quotations Mailing List
A short list of quality quotations distributed on a daily basis. Just the inspiration to start your day off right! Contributors usually have a theme and post either daily or weekly. It is distributed nightly in digested form, and is somewhat moderated. No quotations requests. Back issues are archived.
Quotations E-Mail List
This is another Mailing List of a generalized sort. Lots of traffic. Any sort of quotations and/or requests. Similar to what goes on in the newsgroup, only on a smaller scale.
The Quotations FTP site
An ftp link to the site. Some quotations are uniformly formatted, and are meant to be machine readable by applications not yet written. Don't panic: they are still people-readable.
Alan Richmond's Archive
A link to this archive. Relevant to astronomy/science and cyberspace/VR. Alan Richmond is over at NASA.
The Commonplace Book
Click to get to an infofile about the interesting Commonplace Book.
The rec.arts.movies quotations database
Maintained by Lars Joergen Aas (larsa@colargol.edb.tih.no) who kindly notified me of this site.
Tim MacKenzie's Fortunes and Other Stuff at the YoYo
Tim MacKenzie (tym@dibbler.cs.monash.edu.au) maintains a sizable archive of stuff (here is the README file from the archive) at yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au in pub/quotes. This is an ftp link to that site.
Aaron Fuegi's Collected Quotations
A direct link to Aaron's quotations page.
University of British Columbia Quotations Archive
An ftp link to this archive.


The "(Largely) Unabridged" Series of Quotations
Michael's currently four-part series of favorite quotations.
Sir Hans' Compilations
An alt.quotations regular, and new keeper of the FAQ.
Weekly Quotations by Jeff Shepherd.
These are posted at the beginning of each week to alt.quotations and the quotations listserver.
George Osner's Quotations Gopherspace
Compiled lists (by month) of his daily "Thought for Today" postings to alt.quotations and the quotations listserver as well as an ever-growing list of quotations by topic and much more!


The Quotations of a Lifetime (56K)
Elizabeth Dodge's archive of meaningful quotations collected over more than a decade.
The Quintessential Quotations (68K)
Compiled by Jason Newquist and updated semi-regularly. Tends to emphasize art, philosophy, and the history of ideas.
Miscellaneous Quotations (177K)
A totally unedited, unclean, unverified batch of quotations I snarfed off the Net. But there you go.
Don R. Newcomb's Quotation Archive (Research In Progress!) (27K)
This experimental archive is very interesting, with a definite emphasis on political selections.
Thomas Swiss' Quotations File (47K)
An eclectic archive of Tom's favorite quotations.
Rand Lindsly's **HUGE** Quotations File (762K)
Collected by Rand over many years. Draws on too many and various sources to even suggest a central theme. And it is BIG!
Miscellaneous Numbered Quotations (120K)
A batch of numbered quotations whose source eludes me.
Kuchling Quotations (171K)
A batch of quotations I know nothing about except the mysterious name KUCHLING. If you have info, please shed the light on me.
Michael Rosenberg's Quotations List (93K)
An archive organized by subject.
Food For Thought **HUGE** (518K)
Jack Tourette's archive of quotations. Please note that Jack makes no warranty and cannot be held responsible for the use, whether angelic, demonic, or political, of these ideas, quotations, or the electronic media on which they are stored, encapsulated, archived or compressed.

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