The Story of loQtus

In the beginning, there was the Web. And it was good. And Jason looked out upon the Web and realized he wanted more quotations. So he created loQtus, one of the first quotations resources to grace the presense of the Web. There was much rejoicing. And it was good.

Unfortunately, Jason got a life. He graduated, got a job, started raising a family, and unfortunately was not able to give loQtus the attention it deserved. But still, it was good, and deserved to be preserved.

Then along came Jeff. He had been an admirer of loQtus since its genesis. He took loQtus under his wing (with Jason's permission, of course) and brought it to his own server, where the hyperlinks were tended to and updated.

So here loQtus sits. Preserved for eternity until the great Jason comes back and decides to bless it with more resources. You won't be seeing any new material, but what remains is still wonderful to browse through. Jeff will ensure the stability of the hyperlinks, an hopefully the server it now rests in will be a bit less slothful and more stable. The UC Davis server still has the original (and somewhat outdated) pages, if you wish to see the original site.

For now, take a load off your feet and prepare to be amused, challenged, and stimulated as you browse through the pages of loQtus.

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